The Circle of Life

I have numerous conversations every day with Dealership managers across the country about the benefits of precise vehicle inventory management. The most common problem I hear over and over again is “where do I get the vehicles that your system tells me I need”? Aside from the obvious answers like trades and auctions, my default answer is, “from the owners in your market area”. The fact is, that at any given time, a finite percentage of the owners of the vehicles in your market area are considering selling their vehicle. There is a
whole list of reasons why they are considering selling their vehicle and in this economy there are more opportunities than ever. The Valuinsight system helps you determine exactly what vehicles you need. Another part of our system locates the owners of those exact vehicles. With these two key variables out of the way, the next step is to give the owners of those vehicles a good reason to come to your store. The Valuinsight system does all of this and more for you.

One of the most revealing facts that I have come across recently, as it relates to acquiring the correct inventory, comes from the Car Max annual report. Did you know that over 52% of the vehicles Car Max acquired, and sold at retail, came from “off the street” purchases directly from customers? There is no reason why you cannot do the same thing.

Once you have determined what you need, have located where those vehicles are and have gotten the customer to your store to buy or trade for their vehicle, the next step is to expose the customer to your evaluation process. The Valuinsight eValuator is the tool for that job. You simply plug in the VIN and the evaluation tool does the rest. Your customer is then shown the actual cash value of what you are willing to pay for that vehicle right now. eValuator takes into consideration data from all of the various guidebooks, real time auction data as well as local market data. The entire process of vehicle acquisition is real and most importantly, credible in the eyes of the customer.

After you have acquired the specific vehicles you need, the final step then is to retail that vehicle for the most
amount of money in the least amount of time. You guessed it, Valuinsight has a tool that does just that. We call it iTurn.

iTurn is a revolutionary, automated Internet pay-per-click strategy, optimized for maximum ROI using Google, Yahoo, MSN, Etc. iTurn is designed to drive potential customers from search engines directly to the
vehicle on your website at the exact moment they are looking for a vehicle that is in your inventory. iTurn generates at least 3 search ads per vehicle in your inventory and generates deep keyword search terms for each ad group. The ads will only be shown to potential customers within a selected geographic radius who are requesting information on the makes and models that your dealership has available. No wasted clicks on people out of your area.

Imagine a prospect (in your market area) is sitting at his/her computer and they type in Google (or MSN,
Yahoo, Etc.) the specific used vehicle they are interested in. (ex. 2005 BMW 325) Now, also imagine your
store owns the very vehicle that the customer is searching for and your vehicle comes up on their screen in
one of the first 3 positions. (preferably first) This is exactly what our newest tool, iTurn will do for you.
You only pay per click on vehicles that are actually clicked on by prospects in your area. You are not paying to list your vehicles on some vehicle listing service where they get “lost” and have little or no accountability. You simply select a monthly budget and we do the rest. Why continue to pay for listing services and not know for sure how they are performing for you?

If you want to take the proactive step to talk about how Valuinsight can help you improve the “Circle of Life” at your store, simply give me a call or drop me an email. Nobody does what we do for only $450.00 per Month.
Scott Dreisbach
Vice President – Valuinsight, Inc.
Direct Line: 561-404-8450