New Vehicle Inventory Management

The Right Mix And Level Of Vehicles All The Time! Know without question what’s moving and what’s not by specific Model #, Series, Trim level, package codes and color. Our Precision inventory Management system uses YOUR sales data, not the market’s data, to help you create the best possible inventory mix.

  • Only system to provide automated DMS integration and manufacturer pipeline integration. Includes franchise inbound data
  • Industry standard “Days Supply” calculation to pinpoint too many or too few new vehicles by:
    ♦ Model #, Engine, Series, Trim Level, Package Code, Color, Options
    ♦ Industry’s only “Hit List” by predicted carrying cost
  • Systematize inventory management through e-mail notifications
  • Use a facts-based approach to ordering new inventory
  • Realize lower carrying costs month after month
  • Stock the right mix of vehicles on your lot at all times
  • Speak from a position of confidence when ordering from your manufacturer
  • Set up dealer trades that will positively affect your inventory balance
  • Increase your Market Penetration
  • Reduce your Sales Compensation
  • Increase your Gross Per Unit
    Increase your Return On Investment
    ♦ Expert training to ensure success
    ♦ 12 Weekly 30 Minute Revenue Impact Meetings

Stocking Guide

  • Current Market Sales by Model Number
  • Sales Detail includes Series, Trim Options
  • Current Ground Stock
  • Current Pipeline
  • Develops a “Target Supply”
  • You Choose the Days Supply Target
  • Displays Recommended Action
  • Current Total Availability VS the Target Investment

Top Ten Long & Short

  • Current Market Sales by Model Number
  • Top Ten Vehicles furthest away from the Target on the Long Side
  • Top Ten Vehicles furthest away from the Target on the Short Side
  • You choose the Days Supply Target
  • Shows average age to retail
  • Shows Front and Back Gross
  • Displays Average Cost of Sales
  • Calculates Excess or Shortage of the total Investment

Quick Turners

  • By Make, Model Number and Color
  • Displays Quick Movers that you do not have on the ground or in the pipeline
  • Perfect for your Dealer Trade use Sales Detail Drill Down
  • Displays Front and Back Gross
  • See Average Cost of Sales

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