InVision - New Vehicle Inventory Vision Tool

New Vehicle Inventory Management Software

Wouldn’t it be great to have the right mix and of new vehicles at all times? InVision for New Vehicles will give you the power to know… without question, exactly what’s moving off your lot (and what isn’t moving) by specific Model #, Series, Trim level, Package Codes and Color. Our InVision New Vehicle Inventory Management system uses YOUR sales data… not the market’s, to help you create the best possible inventory mix. 

Dealers with InVision for New Cars always know exactly what’s needed at any given moment. Do you? 

  • Only system to provide automated DMS integration and manufacturer pipeline integration. Includes franchise inbound data
  • Industry standard “Days Supply” calculation to pinpoint too many or too few new vehicles by:
    ♦ Model #, Engine, Series, Trim Level, Package Code, Color, Options
    ♦ Industry’s only “Hit List” by predicted carrying cost
  • Systematize inventory management through e-mail notifications
  • Use a facts-based approach to ordering new inventory
  • Realize lower carrying costs month after month
  • Stock the right mix of vehicles on your lot at all times
  • Speak from a position of confidence when ordering from your manufacturer
  • Set up dealer trades that will positively affect your inventory balance
  • Increase your Market Penetration
  • Reduce your Sales Compensation
  • Increase your Gross Per Unit
  • Increase your Return On Investment!
    ♦ Expert training to ensure success
    ♦ 12 Weekly 30 Minute Revenue Impact Meetings

Stocking Guide

  • Current Market Sales by Model Number
  • Sales Detail includes Series, Trim Options
  • Current Ground Stock
  • Current Pipeline
  • Develops a “Target Supply”
  • You Choose the Days Supply Target
  • Displays Recommended Action
  • Current Total Availability VS the Target Investment

Top Ten Long & Short

  • Current Market Sales by Model Number
  • Top Ten Vehicles furthest away from the Target on the Long Side
  • Top Ten Vehicles furthest away from the Target on the Short Side
  • You choose the Days Supply Target
  • Shows average age to retail
  • Shows Front and Back Gross
  • Displays Average Cost of Sales
  • Calculates Excess or Shortage of the total Investment

Quick Turners

  • By Make, Model Number and Color
  • Displays Quick Movers that you do not have on the ground or in the pipeline
  • Perfect for your Dealer Trade use Sales Detail Drill Down
  • Displays Front and Back Gross
  • See Average Cost of Sales

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