Services & Pricing

New Vehicle Solutions (From $750 per month)

With this tool, you will reduce floor plan expense and sales compensation while increasing market penetration, gross per unit, and vehicle turnover. See Sales by model number with ground stock, inbound and more - all on one page!
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Used Vehicle Solutions (From $750 per month)

With our used vehicle system you will increase unit sales, gross, and return on investment while reducing wholesale "Pain" and variable compensation. Use our automated stocking guide for your entire inventory!
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BDC Ignitor Lead Generation System (Free Demo)

BDC Ignitor liberates your staff from repetitive out-bound calling, and repeating the same message, or sales pitch into a customer's voice mail box. Maximize your time wisely and concentrate on in-bound customer inquiries, from your automated outbound marketing efforts.
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Sales Drive Data /Equity Mining Tool (From $1000 a month)

Generate new vehicles sales instantaneously with Valuinsight's Sales Drive tool. This tool works as easy as 1,2,3 to generate sales while your customer is sitting in your service area. The Sales Drive worksheet is printed out and presented before the customer's vehicle service is complete. New vehicle purchase and lease options are presented in the Sales Drive worksheet and the customer vehicle service can turn into a vehicle sale or lease in a matter of minutes!
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F&I Performance Solutions (From $300 per month)

Improve Per Vehicle Retail performance using the "Dealer Development Report" while monitoring the performance of all of your F&I Products and People. This tool tracks product counts, penetrations, profits and much more with pre-determined or custom date ranges. Reports are available by F&I manager, sales manager, or salesperson.
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Database Target Marketing ($325 - from $0.65 per mailer)

Target the specific vehicles that work best for you with a customized direct mail campaign including phone follow-up. Target Marketing matches what you need with a list of who owns them, and gives you a second chance to sell warranties to recent customers.
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Automotive Marketing Solutions (Priced per service)

Along with our unique New, Used and F& I Solutions, we can now offer you Traditional Advertising, Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing all in one place. Our team has over 20 years of automotive advertising and marketing experience and is ready to help you with one thing... Increasing Your Bottom Line!
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Manufacturer Direct Vehicle Ordering System (From $1,500 per month)

With 40 years of proven Inventory Management experience, you can trust your ordering and manufacturer contact to us. With our Manufacturer Direct Vehicle Ordering System, you can have a 60 day supply on the ground with a 30 day supply in the pipeline with best possible mix of models, colors and equipment.
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Weekly Revenue Impact Meetings (30 minute weekly meetings -  from $400 per month)

We want to make sure that you are making the most of our products! In these 30 minute weekly meetings, we will work together to ensure implementation of the entire system. Feedback and Accountability in each session is recorded in the notes section of the system for easy access in the future.
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