Used Vehicle Inventory Management Software

A used vehicle is a depreciating asset from the moment it arrives on your lot. That’s why when it comes to precise inventory management, it’s crucial that you have an accurate, easily accessible picture of what you have, what’s moving – and what’s not.

Data below is from a 12 store group in the Southeast U.S.

See notes below chart.

Some thoughts about a few of the dealerships shown above:

  • Store A – In the first 6 months of 2018 they only retailed 22 units that they had purchased. Gross on those 22 was around $500 per unit. Using our software to help them properly stock their lot, they retailed 352 in the first 6 months of 2019 and doubled their gross to just over $1000 (not including fees!)
  • Store E – While they’re still buying and retailing around the same quantity this year as last, because their mix is better and their time to sell has reduced, they’ve been able to almost triple their gross from under $600 per unit last year to over $1700 per unit this year! 
  • Store I – Clearly they were stocking the wrong mix in the first half of 2018. They took an average loss of $2000 per deal! By utilizing our tools, they’ve been able to DOUBLE the amount of cars purchased and retailed AND they are grossing almost $2500 on each! 
  • Look at the chart.  Can you tell which store ISN’T using our tool to its fullest capacity? You guessed it. Don’t be like Store L!   

Stocking Guide

  • Ideal Inventory determined by Retail Sales
  • Ideals are measured against Actuals
  • By Segment by Year
  • By segment and Sale Price
  • By Segment and Cost of Sale
  • By Year, Make and Model
  • You Choose Desired Days Supply
  • Shows Color Coded areas of opportunity
  • Keeps your “shelf” filled with what your customers are buying
  • Weekly 30 Minute Portfolio Management Meetings
  • Much More

Top Ten Long & Short

  • Top ten units furthest away from the target on the Long side
  • Top ten units furthest away from the target on the Short side
  • Shows both Retail and Wholesale Activity
  • Develops a “buy and sell” list
  • Measures $ under and over invested
  • You choose your Target Days supply
  • Shows actual Days Supply

Quick Turners

  • See the “Quick Movers that you do not have in inventory
  • Perfect start for your “Buy” list
  • Detail displays Front and Back Gross
  • Displays ROI
  • The units displayed in the Quick Turners are “must haves”
  • Shows complete transaction details

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