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Used Vehicle Inventory Management Software

A used vehicle is a depreciating asset from the moment it arrives on your lot. That’s why when it comes to precise inventory management, it’s crucial that you have an accurate, easily accessible picture of what you have, what’s moving – and what’s not. The days of just buying what you think you need are well behind us. InVision (Inventory Vision) will tell you exactly what you need to acquire (and which units need to be moved out now) so that your lot isn’t over or under stocked. Moreover, you’ll have the right units on your lot that turn quicker and generate more profit. InVision is the tool you’ve been missing.

Dealers with InVision have seen dramatic increases in both sales volume and gross profit while realizing quicker turns than ever before. Is there any reason you wouldn’t want the same for your dealership(s)?

We Take the Emotion Out of Stocking Your Lot

How do you currently decide what to stock your lot with?  Your memory? Your gut instinct? Your years of experience in the business? Don’t get us wrong, we VALUE all of those aspects. But our InVision tool will show you exactly the year, makes, models and price ranges of the units you need to acquire… and just as importantly, the units you need to unload.

Want to reach 1 used unit sold for every 1 new sold?

Who doesn’t? (Except those who are already doing it!) The fact is, unless you are supplementing your trade-ins with purchased units, you’ll never be able to get there. It’s just simple math, and it hasn’t changed in the history of the auto business. Look at the adjacent charts. These dealers went from around 50 used unit sales per month to around 200… but not just by buying more units. They did it by buying the RIGHT units… and our software made that process as easy as GREEN and RED.

Below is real data from a 12 store group in the Southeast U.S.

See note below chart.

Pictured above are the results of a 12 store retail auto group for calendar years 2018, 2019 and 2020. This group uses the Valuinsight “InVision” Used Vehicle Inventory Management System to identify the specific used vehicles that they need to acquire.  These are all purchased used vehicles (not trade-ins) and the resulting sales and gross generated (front, back and fees) year over year over year has been phenomenal. Our system, coupled with scheduled management meetings has really made a difference to this group’s bottom line.  If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we do it, simply request a demo or call us at 954-368-9933

Stocking Guide

  • Ideal Inventory determined by Retail Sales
  • Ideals are measured against Actuals
  • By Segment by Year
  • By segment and Sale Price
  • By Segment and Cost of Sale
  • By Year, Make and Model
  • You Choose Desired Days Supply
  • Shows Color Coded areas of opportunity
  • Keeps your “shelf” filled with what your customers are buying
  • Weekly 30 Minute Portfolio Management Meetings
  • Much More

Top Ten Long & Short

  • Top ten units farthest away from the target on the Long side
  • Top ten units farthest away from the target on the Short side
  • Shows both Retail and Wholesale Activity
  • Develops a “buy and sell” list
  • Measures $ under and over invested
  • You choose your Target Days supply
  • Shows actual Days Supply

Quick Turners

  • See the “Quick Movers that you do not have in inventory
  • Perfect start for your “Buy” list
  • Detail displays Front and Back Gross
  • Displays ROI
  • The units displayed in the Quick Turners are “must haves”
  • Shows complete transaction details

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