Used Vehicle Data Mining Management Systems

No Used Vehicles Over 60 Days Old!

A used vehicle is a depreciating asset from the moment it arrives on your lot. That's why when it comes to inventory and aging, it's crucial that you have an accurate, easily accessible picture of what you have, what's moving – and what's not.

  • Our program mines YOUR sales data, not the market's data, to help you create the best possible used vehicle inventory mix.
  • Integrated appraisal tool based on ROI from retail and wholesale activity
  • Industry standard "Days Supply" calculation to pinpoint where you have too many or too few used vehicles by:
    Segment and year or by model and year
  • Know how your purchases vs. trades perform
  • Manage the aging of your vehicles with "Hit Lists"
      ♦ Industry's only "Hit List" by predicted carrying cost
  • Systematize inventory management through e-mail notifications
  • Eliminate your Wholesale Pain
  • Increase your Market Penetration
  • Reduce your Sales Compensation
  • Increase your Gross Per Unit
  • Increase your Return On Investment
  • Stock the right mix of vehicles on your lot at all times
  • Expert training to ensure success
    12 Weekly 30 Minute Revenue Impact Meetings
     Know exactly what you need on a daily basis with our "Target Supply" Report

Month to Month Agreement From $750